Jun 05

Why do the Beatles continue to interest us today? Part of the lasting appeal of this group whose work is now 50+ years old is the incredible musical diversity they displayed in a very short period. There really is something for everyone in the Beatles catalog.

Another factor is the huge impact they made on the music of the time and on so much of what we still listen to today. (Check out the previous blog post to see just a few of the “firsts” the Beatles achieved). Yet another reason why we still care about the Beatles was their personalities as individuals and their persona as a group. Their story – four lads from Liverpool who broke out of the pack in Britain, invaded America, and became the world’s greatest superstars in a matter of years – is timeless, and their incredible evolution, both personally and musically, will always be one of music’s greatest epics.

The Beatles continue to influence popular culture in many ways. The recent Ron Howard documentary, Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years, takes fans on the road and behind the scenes during the time the Beatles spent performing across America and around the world. This year is the 50th anniversary of Yellow Submarine, and the film will be seen in theaters both here and in the U.K. The Cirque du Soleil show “Love,” a celebration of the Beatles’ musical legacy, continues to play to sold-out audiences in Las Vegas.

The Beatles also have an active social media presence, tweeting and Facebooking regularly, and a thriving website that promotes both the band and the solo efforts of its members. A nice aspect of all this activity is that it presents a united front from the living Beatles, Paul and Ringo, and the wives of John Lennon and George Harrison. In many ways, the Beatles and Apple Corp are thriving in the 21st century in a way that they never did since the band’s breakup (and arguably, even before that). For fans, it’s nice to see.

The Cape Symphony’s Beatles Tribute concerts on Saturday, June 16th are almost sold out! But it’s not too late. Experience what it would have been like to see the Beatles live with an orchestra. Get your tickets now by calling 508.362.1111 or purchasing online.


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