Oct 08

Remember the ‘70s? When you insisted on a Dorothy Hamill haircut, tried to walk in platform shoes, and cried when your mood ring wouldn’t change color anymore?

The fads and fashions of the “Me” decade seem more outlandish and unfortunate than that of any other. Everyone who was over the age of five during the ‘70s has pictures in their “what was I thinking?” file. Between bell bottoms (flattering only on the tallest and skinniest of models), shiny polyester fabrics, and the wide lapels, wide collars, and wide ties, nobody had a chance. It all looks funny now, but people actually thought they looked good then. Even the rich and famous thought so – just Google Sonny and Cher for proof.

People also fell for the craziest of fads during those years. Take pet rocks, for example. Did you know that the idea to sell rocks in a box with air holes, as though they were alive, made Gary Dahl a millionaire? The fad only lasted six months, but that was enough time for him to sell 1.5 million Pet Rocks at $4 each!

Mood rings and lava lamps also sold well and made people rich. A British accountant invented the lava lamp in 1963 and patented it in the US in 1968, where the lamps were popular right through the ‘70s. And every girl wanted a mood ring; the heat from your hand would warm up the crystals in the ring, causing the color to change from black to green to blue to purple. There was science behind these fads, but they seemed like magic.

Perhaps that magical effect was the key to the wacky ‘70s fads and fashion. After the horrors of assassinations, Vietnam, and Watergate, everyone just wanted to feel hopeful, to have fun, to dress up and dance.

Get out your platform shoes and join the Cape Symphony and the Boogie Wonder Band for Symphony at the Disco on October 13 and 14. Tickets are going fast: visit capesymphony.org or 508.362.1111.

Special Offers on October 13: The Cape Symphony is offering $20 tickets to guests under 50 on October 13 at 3:00 PM and 7:30 PM. 

In order to make this weekend of disco truly special, the Cape Symphony is partnering with The West End in Hyannis on October 13. The West End will offer a 20% discount on dinner with your Symphony at the Disco ticket. The West End also hosts a “Studio 54” party from 9:00 PM until closing time. Join Jung-Ho Pak, Cape Symphony Artistic Director & Conductor, and your fellow disco lovers for a dance party.


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