Jan 07

You’re not alone! Many people are intimidated by opera, and perhaps most of all by an opera that sounds really confusing.

The Ring tells a famously complicated story, featuring interrelated gods, dwarves and mortals, and a plot so twisted it makes the most complex dramas of our current golden age of television look simple.

So, here’s what the Sydney Symphony Orchestra did when they performed The Ring, An Orchestral Adventure, the same piece the Cape Symphony will perform on January 19 and 20. They created a two-and-a-half-minute summary of the 15-hour Ring Cycle. Enjoy!

Then, check out our Listening Links for Opera Without Words. Selected for you by Jung-Ho himself, these performances will show you that you’re already familiar with this music, even if you’re not very familiar with opera.

We hope that you’ll decide that you don’t want to miss this extraordinary concert, and will get your tickets to Opera Without Words, January 19 and 20. Get your tickets at capesymphony.org or call 508.362.1111.



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