Enjoy Episode 2 from Jung-Ho Pak

ENJOY! with Jung-Ho Pak: Episode 2

In Episode 2 of ENJOY!, Jung-Ho talks to an incredibly talented young woman named Clarissa Bevilacqua. Clarissa is the winner of our Cape Symphony International Online Violin Concerto Competition.

A true violin prodigy, Clarissa would have been an outstanding guest at this weekend’s “Visions: Mozart & Mahler” concert. Sadly, the pandemic has forced us to cancel the concert, but Clarissa will definitely join us in the future. Enjoy her conversation with Jung-Ho, a glimpse of her award-winning performance, and a special demonstration of her talent. Congratulations to Clarissa!

ENJOY! Episode 2 also showcases the Cape Symphony’s world premiere performance of “Soaring Over the Sound.” This extraordinary piece was the result of a labor of love, combining the efforts of videographer Tom Chartrand and composer Matt Correia in collaboration with Jung-Ho. The commission of the original music was sponsored by the nonprofit Harwich Conservation Trust. “Soaring Over the Sound” was part of our “Beethoven on the Cape” concert from September 2019.

Jung-Ho also tells us about the great Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini. He’s considered the first great modern conductor because he raised the standard of conducting very high. Jung-Ho says Toscanini was a tremendous influence on him. Learn more and watch a performance of the overture to Giuseppe Verdi's opera La Forza del Destino, featuring the NBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Toscanini in 1944.

Plus, Jung-Ho recommends his favorite Brazilian dish! We invite you to watch ENJOY! Episode 2, and please share it with your friends and family. Take care of yourselves.

Bonus Videos
Pão de Queijo recipe: View Video

Clarissa’s entire award-winning performance of the Violin Concerto No. 5 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: View Video





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