May 19

Episode 3 of ENJOY! features an amazing performance from the Cape Symphony’s 2016 concert “The Silk Road and Beyond.”

A traditional Korean Drum Dance, Samgomu is sometimes called "three drum dance" or standing "drum dance." Each dancer is surrounded on three sides by drums, which are hung on square frames. The drums are positioned so that dancers can hit each one as they play complex rhythms and move in perfect synchronization. Jung-Ho commissioned "Concerto for Samgomu," and the Cape Symphony performed the world premiere at this concert with these fantastic drummers. It’s spectacular!

Also in ENJOY! Episode 3, Jung-Ho interviews the Cape Symphony’s new executive director, Mike Albaugh. Jung-Ho and Mike first met many years ago at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. JHP was a guest conductor for the World Youth Orchestra. Mike came in to direct the music education program, and hired Jung-Ho to join the music faculty. The two worked together for six years, and are thrilled to be working together again. Check out the interview to hear their conversation and discover Mike’s secret talent!

Pak’s Pick is a quartet of classical musicians performing Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3" on a New York City subway platform. Most people walk by without paying attention to this beautiful concert happening in their midst. Then…watch what happens!

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