Oct 22

From a choral repertoire spanning five centuries, Musica Sacra performs works both familiar and rare, with a crisp passion that awakens the listener to yearnings and joys, sorrows and delights—all that defines and inspires the best in human lives.

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Oct 14

For the Cape Symphony’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem, we have to bring in outstanding solo singers. The masterpiece requires four solo voices – soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and bass – who must be able to handle the demands Mozart placed on them.

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Oct 01

In the same way that nightclubs evolved from places where live bands provided the music to places where disc jockeys played records, disco changed the tradition of partner dancing.

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Sep 23

Believe it or not, Nazis had a hand in the development of the nightclubs where disco music originated! During World War II, dance halls in Paris featured jazz music; however, regulations in Nazi-occupied France banned live music, so records were played instead.

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