Contemporary dance draws inspiration from dance styles that came before it, including ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, and hip-hop. In this class, dancers will learn to tell a story or convey an idea through their movement. Improvisational tactics will be used to learn about the different movement qualities and develop each dancer’s unique style. Each class will consist of a warm up, involving stretch and conditioning methods. Topics of study will include balance, turns, extensions, and large jumps. Combinations will be choreographed to music of various influences, including instrumental, pop, and alternative. Contemporary includes a strong emphasis on musicality, style and quality of movement.

Dress code for this class is all black: Blochsox or bare feet, leotard or black top, and black leggings or shorts.


For ages 6-8.


Class Schedule


Barnstable | Wednesday, 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM

July 14 to August 18



Tuition: $95

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