Cape Symphony & Conservatory wish to thank the individuals whose gifts support our mission to Inspire Joy Through the Arts!  

Those listed below generously gave gifts between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.

Distinguished Benefactors

$1,000 - $2,499

Janet Bantly
Joan D. Barnett
Jeffrey and Nancy Bilezikian
Robert and Frances Birmingham
Patricia A. Cahill
David Bruce Cole Classical Music Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Phyllis W. Cole
Lorraine and Tom Cowhey
Mrs. Joan Creedon
Egil D. and Sidney Croff
John and Eleanor Cunningham
Dr. Marcia Dalbey
Judith Davidson
Mrs. Margaret P. Davis
Joseph H. D’Elia and Karen D’Elia
Nicolas DiCiaccio and Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio
Mary Monica DiCiaccio
Ben and Jackie DeRuyter
Falmouth Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Gerald S. Garnick and Morag Masil
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gulrich
Hank and Beth Holden
Pete and Ellen Ingram
Jake and Simonne Ketchum
Christopher Kopka and Anna Dvorak
Mary Ellen Laak
John S. and Donna M. Leiss
Russel Lemcke and Meg Becker
Don and Gini LeSieur
Jeanette Louth
Dr. Neil and Mrs. Barbara MacKenzie
Ms. Lisa Maini
Joanna and Bob Marcus
Linda Mawhinney
Richard B. McElvein
John and Hannelore Meyer
Barbara J. Murphy
George and Peggy Newton
Margaret Nicholson
Melora B. North
Melora H. North
Marie O'Neil
Jim and Sally Perry
RADM and Mrs. Harold L.  Robinson, USN (Ret)
John and Sue Sargent
Patricia and Michael Schumaecker
Mrs. Gerie Schumann
Toni and Rob Sennott
Joan Betinick-Smith Charitable Foundation
Albert H. Surprenant and Robyn Peterson
Chuck and Jane Tardanico
Teaneck Marriott on behalf of Marilyn M. Bruneau
Ellen and Robert Temkin
John and Deborah Todd
Janet and Gary Toenniessen
Win Tower and Mary Ryan
Mrs. Fred Turnbull
William F. Tyler
Joan and Joseph Valle
Joanne B. Vyskocil
Christopher and Carol Wilson
Bill and Linda Zammer

Benefactors $500 - $999

Anonymous (3) 
Ralph and Nancy Aldrich
Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr.
Curtis Barnes
Donald and Virginia Bates
Mr. Conrad Beliveau
Dr. Jim and Karin Blute
Eileen F. Calabrese
Mr. and Mrs. David Clarendon
Marcia and Michael Corrigan
Jane Davenport
Peter and Virginia Farwell
Jerome and Holly Fletcher
Thomas and Leslie Garner
Bill and Joyce Gindra
Nicolas DiCiaccio and Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio
Mary Monica DiCiaccio Charitable Gift Fund
Richard and Marla Gonet
Margaret and David Goulet
Dorothy G. Halmstad
Bruce and Olga Hausser
Ray and Donna Hebert
Mr. William Hill
Mr. James Hinkle and Mr. Roy Hammer, Jr.
Joe Hoffman and Felicia Penn
Kevin and Beth Howard
Kevin M. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ingram
Johnston Charitable Gift Fund
Henry and Andrea Kara
Judith Keller
Alan and Cricket Keener
Christopher Kopka and Anna Dvorak
Peggy S. Lambert
James E. and Caroline S. Lloyd
James L. Marshall
Elizabeth Garner Martin Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Ryder and Margaret Martin
James L. Marshall
Ellen McNamara-Kettle
Dick and Nancy Miller
Dana and Eileen Miskell
Michael and Ellen Mulroney
Dr. Lisa and Mr. Andrew Perkins
Anne F. and Michel Perrault
Joseph and Eileen Reardon
John and Ann Reeves
Betsy Reney
Ken and Lilla Robinson
Rita Rooney
David and Phyllis Rubin
Chuck and Renate Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Schiller
Patricia Schoeffel and James Bampos
Don and Mary Lou Schwinn
Joan M. Shostak
Janet and Keith Sisterson
Craig Stewart and Patricia Fruean
Gail and David Smith
Jacqueline Stowell
Raymond V. Tamasi
Chuck and Jane Tardanico
Gary & Ellen Tratt Family Charitable Fund
Donna Weir
Sheldon and Elisabeth Woolf

Benefactors $250 - $499

Anonymous (2)
Marty and Lee Adams
Claire and LeRoy Anderson
Holly Anderson
Marina Atsalis
Steve and Caroline Ayres
Marion Baker
K. Bonnie Barrett and Robert L. Clever
Sam and Mary Biondi
Anne and Kenneth Brock Music Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns
John Caspole and Betty Caspole
Lee and Jane Chirgwinn
Tom and Jan Conklin
Tom and Anne Crowley
Norma M. Daley
General Jimmy G. Dishner
Ken and Marianne Eubanks
Mr. David B. Farer
Brenda Swithenbank and James R. Franklin
Fred and Judy Gaechter
Joseph Gibbons
Dr. Thomas Gregg
Jane and Charles Hanson
Dr. E. Robert Harned and Ms. Jacqueline Herbert-Beale
Fred and Diane Hembree
Cecelia P. Hirschberg
Elliott and Peg Jemison
Walter Kaess, M.D.
Alan and Cricket Keener
Julie and Vince Kraft
Judith Keller
Nancy and Steve Krintzman
Mrs. John E. Laynor
Joan LLewelyn
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Lovuolo
Bruce MacKilligan
Carol and Bruce MacPherson
Ms. Zoe Malluzzo
Marie McKenzie
Courtney and Joanne McMahon
Susan McPherson
Mr. Walter J. Meier
Donald and Rosemarie Merino
Leon and Jacqueline Michelove
Lee R. Miller and Joanne Laurin
Mary K. Morgan Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley H. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Opel
David and Lois Parker
Carolyn P. Partan
Robert and Marion Picarelli
Jonathan and Susan Rice
Helene and Bob Schaefer
Elizabeth Schultze and Bo Ericsson
Kathy and Al Sette
Mrs. Mary E. Sholkovitz
Anne Spaulding and Lawrence Spaulding
Craig Stewart and Patricia Fruean
Barbara D. Wells
Lucy West
Dr. Allen White and Sharon Hawkins
Jane L. Whitley
Ted and Dorothy Williams
Sheryl and Bruce Wolf

Benefactors $100 - $249

Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Abt
Lorraine and Herbert Ackerman
Jeanne and Levi Adams
Donna Albert
Cherie and Ken Anderson
Nancy L. Andrews
Joseph & Roanne Angiello
Barbara Anton
Paul S. Arnold and Kathleen M. Manning
June Atwood
Baker Family Foundation, Inc.
Catherine P. Baker
Barbara and Jay Baldwin
Dr. and Mrs. John Benanti
Richard K. Bendetson
Mr. and Mrs. John Benjamins
Penny Bergles
Monica Bleiler
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Margaret Boles
Deborah and Albert Bradley
Stan and Paul Brady
Sally Braunstein
Polly Brazelton
Captain and Mrs. R.W. Breault, Jr.
E.H. Bristol
Dr. and Mrs. William Brotherton
Carlene and Gene Brown
Jayne Bullock
Robert Campion
Susan and Charlie Carlson
Lucy Lindeman Carty
Mr. Robert Casey and Mrs. Virginia Waterman-Casey
Mr. Edwin Celette
Susan Chalke
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chiras
The Ciluzzi Family
Robert J. Ciolek and Mary E. Kearney
Allan and Marti Clark
Betsy Clark and Dan Eddy
Nancy Clark
Richard and Alexandra Clark
Charlene R. Clifford
Janice and Ellen Cliggott
Dr. Joan and Brian Condon
Ransom and Claire Conrow
Jacquelyn L. Cooper
Susan and Ross Coppelman
Michael Corgan and Sallie Riggs
Richard Coveney
John and Diddy Cullinane
Ralph Cuomo
Nancy B. Curley
Eve Dalmolen
Renny and Dottie Damom
Joan Flash Davis
Barbara DeCicco-Lawrence
Ms. A. Janet DeFulvio
Robert and Maureen DeMarco
Ronald and Carol Deveanux Family Fund
Linda Devonshire
Anne W. Dewees
Midge and Bud Dey
Ms. Lucinda Dickinson Conger
Salvatore and Theresa Difede
Janet Dimattia
Patt Dodds and Jacqui Diggs
Judith Doe
Julie Burns Doll
Elizabeth Doriss
Elaine K. Downes
Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Draper
Jack and Joan Driscoll
Dr. and Mrs. Bertrand Duncan
Kim and Pam Eaton
Andrew and Elaine Efstathiou
Antoinette M. Fallon
Henry Farnham
Craig and Joan Farrenkopf
Ken and Paul Fearn
Bud and Betsy Ferris
Barbara C. Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Foot
Lauren and Jonathan Freed
Sylvia Karkus Furash
Susan Gable
Mr. and Mrs. William Gamble
Richard Gegenwarth
Marilyn George
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. George
Maureen and Jack Ghublikian
Irmgard Gienandt
Jean M. Gile
Anne and George Gingold
Karen and Richard Giusti
Jim and Judy Goddard
Ms. Judith Godin
Paul and Monique Goetinck
Janice G. Goodell
Bruce and Shirley Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Goyette
Rachel Graber and Mark Hahn
Phyllis F. Grotz
Dr. Martin and Joyce Halpert
Warren and Barbara Hansen
Erling and Elizabeth Hanson
Joan M. Hanson
Elizabeth P. Heald
Sally and George Heimerdinger
Ruthann and Kurt Hellfach
Steven W. Heslinga
Charles and Dorothea Hilderbrand
Donna Levine Hirshberg
John and Olivann Hobbie
Ms. Jeanne M. Holland
Sarah R. Horne
David and Ann Hughes
Bernie and Vicky Hutchens
Ronald and Kathleen Hutcheson
Anne and David Jarvis
Charleen L.  Johnson
Maribel Johnson
Sue and Ted Johnson
Barbara Woll Jones
Elizabeth W. Jones
Celia Joseph and David Wilson
Toby Ellen Kalman
Lisa Kane
Jack and Susan Keating
Mrs. Alice Kelley
Mary and John Kelsey
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy, Jr.
Page Kidder
Barbara and Patrick Kimball
Laurence Kingsbury
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kingsbury
Barbara Knapp
Mrs. Justine Kirkwood
Ralph and Deb Krau
Louis and Camilla Larrey
Leo J. Lass
Rev. Christina G. Laurie
Charles E. Lawrence, Sr.
Sue and Joe Leary 
Linda Lenz
Betsy and Jim Lessing
Elizabeth and Milt Levy 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy
Ms. Sheila Lima
Elizabeth Lind
Barbara and Bob Lockhart
Michael and Christina Lorenz
Dr. Mary Mahan
Dianne Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mahoney
LeRoy and Antoinette Malouf
Hebe Mannarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mauterstock
Virginia Mayo
Mary Jane McDonald
Martine Jore McLaughlin
Courtney and Joanne McMahon
Eric and Anne McNulty
Mrs. Jane C. Meincke
Rev. Bobbie Miner
Chris and Diana Moore
Michael Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Mores
Elizabeth G. Morton
Brian and Donna Murphy
Toni and Jeff Musser
Mrs. Phil H. Neal, Jr.
John and Carol Newsome
Ellen E. O'Connell
Carol and Duncan Oliver
George Olmsted
Anne and Richard Omundsen
Dr. Garrett Orazem
Ms. Diane Ota
Rita & Bob Ottaviano
Betsy Palmer
Susan Pennington
Gordon and Doris Pierce
Mrs. Adelaide M. Queeney
Nancy and William Ranscht
Peg and Phil Read
Susan Reid
Ron and Evie Rencurrel
Drs. Robert and Marian Richter
Dawn E. Rickman
Mary and Lee Rivollier
Candice and James Ronesi
Paul Ronty
Mr. Alan Rossbach
Jacqueline Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roy
Victoria A. Scaltsas
Steve Schaefer
Brian and Nancy Scheld
Paula Schnepp and Bob Bucchianeri
Robert and Carol Seidler
Marti and Mike Sekerak
Rev. Robert F. Slesinski, Ph. D.
Sarge Slicer and Diane Karel
Janice D. Smith
Lee Smith and Kristine Herrick
Kip and Jean Snow
Dorothy and Michael Sophocles
Barbara Spillane
Jerry Stagg and Judy November
Gerry and Sue Stanney
Drs. Jerry and Ruth Starratt
Fran Steele
Art and Bev Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stolte
Niles and Margaret Sutphin
Penny and Maurice Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sweeney
Mary Swope
Noel and Elizabeth Tipton
Rev. Msgr. Ronald A. Tosti
Karen and John Townsend
Mrs. Linda Traykovski
Tom and Mollie Tucker
Judy and Steve Underberg
Roger and Ellen Vacco
Karen Vetrano and Karen Magda
Vida and Irving Wagner
Captain and Mrs. Clint Walker
Peter and Mary Ann Wall
Phyllis F. Walsh
Jennifer Washburn
Norm and Conni Weare
Dr. Stephanie Weaver and Mr. Troy Davies
Al and Kathy Weyman
John and Nancy Whelan
Chuck and Anne Wildman
Daniel E. Williams
Marie Williams
Russ and Lee Williamson
Ms. Elaine C. Wiley
Lucy White
Craig and Nancy Whiteley
Alice R. Wolff
Guile and Judy Wood 
Lee Yaffa
Carol Ann Yeaple
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Yarger
Ms. Juliette J. Young-Traiger
Kirk and Karen Young
Ted and Lesley Zicko
Eldon and Fran Ziegler
Alexander & Judith Ziss

Tribute Gifts

In Memory of John Atsalis
Marina Atsalis

In Memory of Joe Atwood
June R. Atwood

In Memory of Leonard Beford
Helen Beford

In Memory of Herbert Carver
Sally Braunstein and Family
Ilene Carver
Marjon Print & Frame Shop, ltd., Marina, Peter and Christopher Atsalis
Mr. Sidney L. Sherter

In Memory of Judith Cicero
The Ciluzzi Family
Elizabeth McNichols Dunning and Michael Dunning
Bob and Penny Schofield

In Memory of John Thacher Clarke
Ms. Elizabeth C. Nill

In Memory of Ingrid Clouther, Steves' Schatz
Steve Clouther

In Memory of Ellie Cunningham
John and Carol Newsome

In Memory of Laura Kathryn Johnson, who loved & created beautiful art & music

Robert & Julie Johnson

In Memory of Pota L. Meier
Walter J. Meier

In Memory of Robert S. Neese
Dr. Allison Neese

In Memory of John "Jack" Newkirk 
Jean M. Crosby
Joseph and Eileen Reardon
Dorothy A. Savarese

In Memory of Leona Penn
Lois Andre and Earl Springer
Donna Levine Hirshberg
Joseph Hoffman and Felicia Penn
Myer and Elaine Singer

In Memory of Milton Penn 
Donna Levine Hirshberg
Joan E. Schlander-Minelli and Allan Minelli
Joseph and Eileen Reardon

In Memory of William A. Scaltsas
Patricia Regan

In Memory of Gordon Silver
Donna M. Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. William Fallon
Tony and Maureen Higgins
Dianne W. Mahoney
Ms. Suzann McCord
Carolyn Oaks
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Plath Jr.
Priscilla Simon

In Memory of Sandy Spencer
James L. Marshall

In Memory of Evelyn Sprague Wilson
Christopher and Carol Wilson

In Memory of Mary Stepita
Brian and Donna Murphy

In Memory of Jack Srudwick
Kathy Strudwick, Nigel, Lynda, Janine
and grandchildren in the UK and USA

In Memory of Barbara Y. Tyler
William F. Tyler

In Memory of Nancy Vappi
Ms. Julia Theriault

In Honor of Joe Bero
William Bero

In Honor of Ellen Dickinson
General Jimmy G. Dishner

In Honor of Joe Dudzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stadfeld

In Honor of Martha Edgar
David Laguna-aponte

In Honor of Beth Howard
Dorothy A. Saverese

In Honor of Kay Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Proctor

In Honor of Linda Mawhinney and Stephanie Weaver
Phyllis W. Cole

In Honor of Arline Mettey
Diane Ota

In Honor of Rachel and Jack Newkirk
Susan McLean

In Honor of Jung-Ho Pak
Elizabeth Schultze and Bo Ericsson

In Honor of Betsy Reney
Christpher Kopka and Anna Dvorak

In Honor of John Sargent
Sarah L. Walker

In Honor of Irene Scaltsas
Patricia Regan

Highfield Restoration Project Donors

Anonymous (3)
Jeanne and Levi Adams
June R. Atwood
Hope L. Baker, Sea Breeze Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Barnes
Helen F. Bedford
Birch Family Charitable Fund
David Brown and Nawrie Meigs-Brown
Art and Booje Calfee
David Cantor
Peter Cook
Jim and Susan Condon
Jerry and Joan Cross
Joanne M. Briana-Gartner
Jason Robert Brown and Georgia Stitt
Carlyn J. Ellms
Norma B. Engles
Vicki A. Engstrom
John J. Funkhouser
Davien and Matthew Gould
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Greer
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gregg
Prof. Stephen A. Greyser and Dr. Linda L. Greyser
R. Barry and Elizabeth Hamilton
Ms. Penelope S. Hare
Elizabeth P. Heald
Jim Hinkle and Roy Hammer
John and Olivann Hobbie
James E. and Caroline S. Lloyd
Dianne and Gerald Lynch
George and Meg Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marcks
Benjamin and Pia Mezzacappa
Rev. Bobbie Miner
Maria Moniz
Katie and Day Mount
Murray and MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.
Walter and Barbara Phillips
Anne and Phil Robertson
Lisa Rudy and Peter Cook
Tom and Judy Sbarra
Carol Q. Schwamb
Linus Travers
Warfield Truesdale
The Bonnie Ward Simon Foundation
Scott Wayne
Nina Webber
Ginny and Les Wrigley


The Elizabeth Arnold Stevens
Legacy Circle

In loving memory of Waldo Stevens

Faith M. Halfyard 
Patricia A. Johnson
Marcia R. Macklin Trust
Donald Moitozo
Leona Penn
Elizabeth Arnold Stevens
Helen Telfair Trust
George W. Wood
The Estate of Marilyn Thorpe
Helen Telfair Trust
George W. Wood

Conductor's Circle $50,000 +

The Bilezikian Family Foundation
Ms. Marilyn M. Bruneau 
Hermann Foundation
Walter and Olivia Kiebach Charitable Foundation
Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
William E. Simon Foundation,
On behalf of William T. Wachenfeld

Diamond Circle $20,000 - $49,999

Anonymous (2) 
Brabson Library & Educational Foundation
The Cape Cod Foundation
Richard and Susan Hamilton
Robert and Kathy Hubby
Mr. and Mrs. David McGraw

Emerald Circle $10,000 - $19,999

Robert J. and Candice Barker
The Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
Enoch T. Cobb Trust
The John K. & Thirza F. Davenport Foundation
Haskell L. Thomson
Rosemary and Victor von Schlegell Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation

Ruby Circle $5,000 - $9,999

David Laguana-Aponte
Patricia A. Cahill
Dr. and Mrs. Philemon Dickinson
Friends of the National Seashore
Irene S. Haney
Douglas and Maria MacDonald
John and Denise MacKerron
Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc.
David and Lee Quincy
Patricia Regan
Robert and Penny Schofield
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Valle
The George R. Wallace Foundation

Sapphire Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Theresa A. Egan 
Judy Cicero
Margaret P. Davis
Ben and Jackie DeRuyter
Elizabeth McNichols Dunning and Michael Dunning
Martha A. Edgar
Mrs. Priscilla French
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gulrich
Jung-Ho Pak and Erica Horn
Jerome and Joan D. Karter
Ms. Elizabeth C. Nill
Milton Penn
Provincetown Jazz Festival
Hank and Pam Ritchie
Joseph and Debby Saliba
Bob and Abby Summersgill, Summersgill Family Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
William and Anne Snow Designated Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Janet and Gary Toenniessen
Judy and Bob Valchuis
Bruce and Kimberly Williams

Donors $25 - $99

Anonymous (7)
Ms. Julie Bender
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Berg
William Bero
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Birch
Christina Blenke
Mr. and Mrs. Willis A. Boothe
Mrs. Donald Broman
Fred and Kathy Budreski
Michael Burke
Kenneth F. Cadran
Alice E. Callahan
June Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. J. Holden Camp
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Campbell
Jose S. Canedo
Ann Carlton
Margot D. Churchill
Mr. G. Rockwood Clark
Mr. Steve Clouther
Lynn Conover
Ann L. Corbett
Jean M. Crosby
Brad and Kim Crowell
Jeanne Crowley
Kathleen Cuddy
Gary Curtis
Joseph Czerwinski
Marguerite A. Daly
Jean S. Dana
Emerson R. Davis
Cameron Dewar
Paul and Mia De Weer
Peter K. Deeks
Fred and Mary Dempsey
Mr. Carmen A. DiMaggio
Dr. Brian and Dr. Karen Dixon
Ms. Leslie Dominguez
Jean and Donald Douglas
Elaine K. Downs
Mrs. Rita Dussault
Jan and Lou Emrich
Eleanor Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. William Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Felicetti
Ms. Geraldine S. Fernandez
Ilse Fersing
Harvey and Susan Fishman
Kathleen Anne Fogg
Walt Forrest
Erica Fox
Sylvia S. Gabos
Barbara Gaffron
Donald and Marie Gallucci
David and Loretta Garrison
Joan Garrity
Fred and Virginia Giannelli
Diane R. Gibson
Gary and Margarida Girouard
Sue and Joe Golmanavich
John and Therese Goodchild
June Groele
Bud and Betty Hanson
Joan M. Hanson
Charles Helliwell
Bob and Laura Higgins
Tony and Maureen Higgins
Bruce and Marjorie B. Higgins
Bob and Laura Higgins
Nancy Hill
George and Marianne Holland
Mrs. Margaret I. Huszar
Alicia Hutton
Andrea Illig
Mr. and Mrs. George Jenkins
Fred Jensen and Barbara Rothenburger
Mary N. Jevdet
Maribel Johnson
Jim and Elaine Kelley
Pat Keogh
Joslyn Kirkegaard
Ruth Kroon
Hank and Louise Lane
Dr. Frederick Lane
Bob and Gayle Leaversuch
Bruce and Sue Lederhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Leeds
Constance R. Lenk
Anne Levin
Ken and Gloria Liatsos
Mr. and Mrs. David Light
Don Light 
Janet Lincoln
Nina Liss
Judy and John Livingstone
Margaret R. Lucht
Donna Lumpkin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lynch
Ann MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. George J. MacKoul
Ms. Mary MacMillan
Peg MacWilliams 
Mary and Ron Mador
Ms. Gail B. Maheras
Greg Malloy
Jane A. Manzelli
Dr. Natalie Mariano
Alex Matheson
Bett McCarthy
Ms. Suzann McCord
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin McIlwain
Jane B. McInnes
Gordon and Patricia McKean 
Jac and Susie McLean
Daniel J. McPhee
Lalise and Jerry Melillo
Olga and Peter Mitchell
Eugene R. Monay
Maria Moniz
Susan B. Monson
Katie and Day Mount
Barbara E. Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nelson, Sr.
The Neubert Family
Gail Oakes
Carolyn Oaks
Ann B. O'Connell
Deborah O'Connor
Robert Oldale
William Page 
Laura R. Payson
Barbara A. Peterson
Ms. Jacqueline Pike-Hebditch
Mr. and Mrs. James Pisciotta
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Plath, Jr.
Ginger Plexico
Ms. Jo Mary Pontes
Pamela M. Praetsch
Vicky Putnam
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Quill, Jr.
Valorie and Richard Rand
Dr. Mary E. Rice
Peter and Margaret Rice
Cathie Richardson
Judy and Arthur Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rose, Jr.
Mr .and Mrs. Winfield Rowell
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ruspantine
Patricia L. Ryder
Tim and Jean Sawyer
Dorothy A. Savarese 
Tom and Judy Sbarra
Joan E. Schlander-Minelli and Allan Minelli
Mel H. Scott
Miriam and Peter Selig
Myer and Elaine Singer
Dr. Richard Sommers
Andre and Anne Speyer
Mary and Gary Spurr
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stadfeld
Joyce T. Sterling
Kristine E. Strand
Sylvia D. Stringer
Patricia and Joseph Texeira
John and Patti Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thorp
Janet H. Towle
Bud and Sally Tracy
Catherine E. Trainor
Ms. Anne Tupper
Deane and Gudrun Turner
Jean C. Uebele
Scott & Amy Vandersall
Ms. Patricia Vigliorolo
Henry Waas
Rev. Edward A. Walker
Dennis Ward
Ann H. Weimer
Bob and Sheila Wentworth
Helen Westwood
Neil and Phyllis White
Judie Williams
Ann M. Williams
Barry and Marilyn Worth
Vincent and Carla Zavorskas




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