The Cape Symphony wishes to thank the individuals whose gifts support our mission to Inspire Joy!  

Those listed below generously gave gifts between July 1, 2019 and October 21, 2020.

Distinguished Benefactors

$1,000 - $2,499

Ralph Aldrich
American Parkinson Disease Association
Anonymous (2)
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Talbot Baker, Jr.
Richard Banziger
Robert and Candice Barker
Joan Bentinck-Smith Charitable Foundation
Birmingham Foundation
Jim Blute
Bruce and Linda Bohlen
Edward Breuer, Jr.
Cape Symphony Orchestra Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Stephen and Joan Clark
Libby and Dick Cryer
Marcia Dalbey
Holbrook R. Davis
General J.G. Dishner
Rick and Barb Draper
Martha Edgar
Falmouth Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Nathan and Marilyn Hayward
Henry and Beth Holden
Jerome Karter
John and Simonne Ketchum
Joseph King
David Laguna-Aponte
Delores Larque
Jeanette Louth
Dianne Mahoney
Rosemary and Joseph Masse
Richard McElvein
John and Hannelore Meyer
Ted and Martha Miller
Kathie and Day Mount
Melora North
Patricia Regan
John K. Roessner III
Denise Ryan
Joseph and Deborah Saliba
John and Sue Sargent
Elizabeth and Pieter Schiller
Gerie Schumann
Janet Sisterson
The Martha and Max Rubinstein Family Foundation
Cornelia Suskind
Mary Swope
Gary and Ellen Tratt Family Charitable Fund
Meridyth Turnbull
William F. Tyler
Clyde Tyndale and Deborah Winograd
Frederick E. Wadsworth
Scott Wayne
Bart Weisman
John and Nancy Whelan
Allen J White
Kimberly and Bruce Williams

Benefactors $500 - $999

Matt Assiff and Lisa Young
Art and Georgia Autorino
Curtis Barnes
Barry and Judy Barrows
Lisa Barton
Donald Bates
Robert and Janet Beal
Jacqueline Beirnes
Conrad Beliveau
David Bellshaw
Allan and Sheila Blair
Judy Bomar
Marilyn Bruneau
Drummond and Ellen Chapman
Lee and Jane Chirgwin
Ellie Claus
Marvin and Jane Corlette
Paul and Carol Coteus
Joan Creedon
Rigney and Robert Cunningham
Marcia Dalbey
John and Norma Daley
Dorothy Davison
Thomas P. Dean
Karen and Joseph D'Elia
Robert and Maureen DeMarco
Lucinda Dickinson Conger
David and Susan Feltus
Thomas and Alice M. George
A. William Gindra
Dorothy Halmstad
Jane and Charles Hanson
Jason and Ellen Harris
Sheryl Harrow
Bruce and Olga Hausser
LeeAnn Hesse
William Hill
James and Roy Hinkle
Joseph Hoffman and Felicia Penn
Robert and Kathy Hubby
James P. Ingram
Isaacson Miller
Michael Jemiolo
Ellen McNamara-Kettle
Margaret King
Karleen Laviana
Michael Z. Lazor, M.D. and Ann O'Donnell
Bruce MacPherson
Albert J. Makkay
LeRoy and Antoinette Malouf
Ronald and Barbara Marcks
William J.R. Marks
Ryder and Margaret Martin
Susan McBride
Richard Mcgauley
Courtney and Joanne McMahon
Susan McPherson
Sandy and Dick Nelson
Barbara Peterson
Adelaide Queeney
Margaret and Phillip Read
Jack and Ann Reeves
Robert and Betsy Reynolds
Ken and Lilla Robinson
RADM and Mrs. Harold Robinson, USN (Ret)
Phyllis and David Rubin
Russell-Davidson Foundation
Karl and Jean Sandberg
Chuck and Renate Sands
Helene and Bob Schaefer
John F. and Diane S. Schoenfelder
Michael and Lisa Serabian
David and Gail Smith
Lee Smith
Ralph and Barbara Smith
Jacqueline Stowell
John and Karen Anne Townsend
Karen Uebele
The Village at Duxbury
Stephen and Carol Wagner
Donna Weir
Joseph and Anne Whitaker
Judith Ziss

Benefactors $250 - $499

Donald Abt
Levi and Jeanne Adams
Joseph and Roanne Angiello
Steven Ayres
Ellen Bailey
Hayley Bakken
Jeff and Rosalee Barnes
K. Bonnie and Robert Barrett
Robert Barsch
John and Janet Benjamins
Anne and Kenneth Brock Music Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Richard Brousseau
Melissa and Peter Brown
Mary Fran Buckley
Eileen Calabrese
James Callahan
Tina Campbell
Joanna Christensen
David and Joan Cirillo
Clarke and Ethel Coggeshall
Debra Conner
Susan and Ross Coppelman
Egil and Sidney Croff
Joan Davis
A. Janet DeFulvio
Julie B. Doll
Linda Doll
Joe Dudzinski
William Duvall and Joanna Anderson
Linda and Keith Finkral
John and Carolyn Fletcher
James and Brenda Franklin
Alfred and Judith Gaechter
Thomas and Leslie Gardner
Mary George
Maureen and Jack Ghublikian
Crystal Gips
Paul and Monique Goetinck
Richard and Marla Gonet
Bruce and Shirley Gordon
Chatham Cultural Council
Mark Hahn and Rachel Graber
Joyce and Martin Halpert
Bud and Betty Hanson
Ray and Donna Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Hanns Heiliger
Margaret Helms
Fred and Diane Hembree
Charles Hildebrand
Cecelia Hirschberg
Donna Hirshberg
John and Olivann R. Hobbie
Jim and Pam Hufnagel
Leon Hull
Ara Ishkanian
Theodore and Marie Jellinek
Freeman Johnson
Maribel Johnson
Jack and Susan Keating
Alan and Cricket Keener
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keller
Charles and Joan Kettendorf
Camilla Larrey
Chester Lay
Robert and Gayle Leaversuch
Dianne and Gerald Lynch
Katherine and Lawrence Madin
Susan Mahoney
Maureen Makkay
Gilbert Martin
Virginia Mayo
Walter J. Meier
Donald and Rosemarie Merino
Christopher Meyer
Jack and Emily Mezzetti
Lee Miller
Mark Miller
Diana and Christopher Moore
Edward and Christine Morassi
Mary K. Morgan Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Michael and Ellen Mulroney
Karen and Calvin Mutti
Kingsley and Lynn Nelson
Lance and Deborah Neumann
Tyler Newcomb
Melora North
Anne and Richard Omundsen
Marie O'Neil
Jerold O'Sullivan and Arthur McKinney
Anthony Panebianco
Andrew and Lisa Perkins
Rosa Ramirez-Mendez
Joseph and Eileen Reardon
Susan and Jonathan Rice
Benjamin O. Rowell
Dorothy Savarese
Diane Stephens and Frank J. Shealey
Mary Sholkovitz
Leonard Short
Robert Slesinski
Charles and Jean Snow
Anne and Lawrence Spaulding
Susan and Richard Stewart
Raymond Tamasi
Lee Tashjian
Thompson Family Trust
Noel and Elizabeth Tipton
Janet and Noah Totten
Sandra Tubman
Gerald Tuffin
James and Patricia Tyng
Katherine Vacca
Margaret and Harry Van Sciver
Scott Vandersall
Irving and Vida Wagner
Scott Wankel
Barbara Wells
Peri Wentworth
Robert and Sheila Wentworth
Jane L. Whitley
Women's Club of Chatham
Ted and Lesley Zicko
Fran and Eldon Ziegler
Naomi and Michael Zigmond


Benefactors $100 - $249

Mario Abate
Mary Ellen Ackerman
Ann Aghababian
Donna Albert
Barry Alper
Susan Andersen
Carolyn Anderson
Gary and Bobye Anderson
Leroy and Claire Anderson
Nancy L. Andrews
Anonymous (3)
Barbara Anton
Kent and Jean Arnold
Patricia Aurigemma
George and Elizabeth Bagley
Alison Bailey
Baker Family Foundation, Inc.
Catherine Baker
Jay and Barbara M. Baldwin
David and Lucy Banner
Bannister Giving Fund
Emily Barclay
Joan Barnett
Frank and Patricia Barnhart
Stephanie Bartlett
James and Mary Bast
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baxter
C. and Marcia Bechtold
Erich and Cornelia Bender
Richard K. Bendetson
Priscilla Bergles
Ellen and Richard Bernstein
Burke and Jo Bero
Ann Bisenius
William Black
Christina and Henry Blenke
Gary Bokenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brett Boocock
Dorothy B. Bowmer
Deborah Bradley
Stan and Paula Brady
Judith Brainerd
Drs. Lorraine and Frank Braza
Roland and Marcia Breault
Lucy and Robert Brett
Marcia Bridgeman
Jane and Allan Brier
Kenneth Brink
Margaret Brogan
Carlene and Eugene Brown
Pamela Brown
Colleen Bueller
Jayne Bullock
Catherine Burke
James and Ellen Burns
Sally and John Burns
Rosemary Buse
Mary Lou Cahalane
June Cameron
Lorraine Canavan
Neal A. Carlson
Susan Carlson
Lucy and John Carty
Ilene Carver
Robert and Mary Carol Casey
Mary Jo Cavanaugh
Sheila and Billy Cavooris
Ellen Chahey
M. Susan Chalke
Mary Chapman
Sidney Chase
Maryann and Andrew Chiras
Eugene and Margaret Ciccarelli
Allan and Marti Clark
Betsy Clark
Brackett Clark
John Clark
Nancy Clark
Richard and Alexandra Clark
Susan Clark
Tor Clark
Charlene R. Clifford
Hovey and Rose Clifford
Ellen Cliggott
Janice Cliggott
Mary Colacchio
Michaela Colombo
Tom and Jan Conklin
Lynn Conover and Greg Peach
Ransom and Claire Conrow
Cornelia Cook
Jacquelyn Cooper
Paul Coteus
Paul Cotton and Barbara Berelowitz
Robert and Lynda Cox
Carol Crockett Deluca
Lois and Greg Cronin
Timothy and Pamela Cronin
Nancy Cudlipp
John and Diddy Cullinane
Ralph Cuomo
Jeannie Curhan
Nancy B. Curley
Michael Cusack
Robert Daglio
Frank and Shawn Dahlstrom
Eve Dalmolen
Joycelyn Datu
Dennis Davis
Michael and Syrel Dawson
Sharon DeVita
Cameron Dewar
Tom Dewing
Patricia A. Dibella
Beverly Dipaolo
Judith Doe
Mary E. Donahue
Marjorie Donovan
David R. Doolittle
Anita Drew
Jack and Joan Driscoll
Jane Driscoll
Bertrand and Marcia Duncan
Baird and Pamela Eaton
Jack and Kathy Edmonston
Elaine Efstathiou
Christine and John Ehret
Peter Eisenbarth
Carlyn Ellms
Barbara Everett
Virginia Farber
Hank Farnham
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Felicetti
Kathleen Ferguson
Bernie Ferioli
Bud and Betsy Ferris
David Filomeno
Tom and Mary Finan
Sara Fisichella
Phineas Fiske
Martin and Kathy Fogle
Theodore and Patricia Foot
Lois Fournier
Diane Fox
Cynthia Fox
Jane Frado
Jill H. Franklin
Judi Friedberg
Friends of the Snow Library
Douglas and Alice Fromm
Beverly Fuller
Sylvia K. Furash
Barbara Gaffron
Betty J. Galbraith
Mike and Terry Gancarz
David and Loretta Garrison
Marie and Ann Gates
Donald and Janet Gauland
Susan and Marty Gauthier
Cheryl Gayle
Rochard Gegenwarth and Marilyn Swenson
Eunice Geist
Marilyn George
Kristin Gerlach
Irmgard Gienandt
Sandra Gillis
Anne and George Gingold
John and Mary Giorgio
Karen and Richard Giusti
Kathy Goddard
Judith Godin
Janice Goodell
Lawrence Goodrich
Dinny and Phil Goodwin
Elizabeth Gordon
Bob and Andrea Gotti
Richard A. Govoni
Patricia and Dennis Goyette
Mary and John Grant
William Grant Esq.
Theresa and Rachel Gratis
Beverly Greig
Eileen Griffin
Garth and Jean H M Grimmer
Linda Gudas and Michael Sayler
Carol E. Hackett
Cozette and Joseph Haggerty
Nancy M. Hall
Christine Hardman
Chris Hardy
John and Jane Harris
Elizabeth Harrison
Mary Hartford
Mary Ellen and David Hautanen
Paul Heard
Charles Heath
Paul and Carolyn Hebert
Lucy Hehir
Kurt Hellfach
Will Helmlinger
Bob and Laura Higgins
Joan and Larry Hill
Linda and Keith Hochstein
Jeanne M. Holland
Marianne Holland
Phylis Horton
Paul Houlihan
Timothy and Katherine Huber
David and Ann Hughes
Marlene and Dennis Hurley
Victoria Hutchens
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hutker
Paula Indelicato
Robert Jacobson and Anne Katz-Jacobson
Sheila Jamieson
Mr. and Mrs. William Janovitz
Marion Jaworowski
Donald Jenen
Alan and Dianne Jenkins
Susan Ferriman Jenkins
Charleen Johnson
Mary Johnson
Barbara Woll Jones
Hugh Jones
Celia Joseph and David Wilson
Stanley J. Kaczynski
Lisa Kane
Josie Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Homayoun Kazemi
Erin Keller
Alice Kelley
John and Mary Kelsey
Kathleen Kenneally
Carolyn and Richard Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy, Jr.
Christopher Kenney
Sandra Kidd
Page Kidder
Diane Kimmerle
Jane Kinkow
Barbara Knapp
Julie and Vincent Kraft
Ralph Krau
Pamela Kukla
Lawrence Ladd
Peggy Lambert
Elizabeth Larkowski
Karin Larson
Christina Laurie
Sue and Joe Leary
John and Donna Leiss
Russ and Meg Lemcke
Sondra Lennon
Janet and Michael Lento
Maryann Leonard
Donald and Virginia LeSieur
Betsy and Jim Lessig
John and Judith Livingstone
Joan Llewelyn
Barbara and Robert Lockhart
Albert and Eileen Long
Michael and Christina Lorenz
Ralph and Rosemary LoVuolo
Karen Lundsgaard
Nanette Lynch
Janet Lyon
Ann and James Macdonald
John MacKerron
Bruce MacKilligan
John MacKinnon
Mary MacMillan
Elizabeth and Abigail Magruder
Dr. Mary Hoyle Mahan
James Mahen
Penelope Majike
Nancy Malkiel
Margaret Mankiewicz
Charles K. Mann
Maplewoods at Brewster
Todd and Beth Marcus
David and Diane Margaretos
Carolyn Markowsky
John Martiner
Mary and Bob Mauterstock
Jerry and Ann McAuliffe
Linda and Benjamin McCann
Betty McCarthy
Martha McDonald
Elizabeth McGowan
Robert McInnis
Gordon and Patricia Mckean
Susan and John McLean
Deborah McLister
Page McMahan
Michael and Lyn McNaught
Kathleen McNeil
Paul and Kate McNulty
Susan Eldredge Mead
Gordon Medenica
Janice Mercadante and Paul Robillard
Fred Mesinger
Wynne Meyer
Judith Miller
Bata Milosh
Rev. Bobbie Miner
Kenneth Molloy
Eugene Monay
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Mores
Barbara A. Moritz
Jeffrey and Donna Morrill
Sue and Garrett Moynihan
Michael Mulcahy
Regina M. Mullen
George L. Muller
Helene Murdock
Mary Ellen Murphy
John and Ann Murray
Jeffrey Musser
Kay Nagle
Sarah Neese
Kris and Wendy Nelson
Pamela Nelson
Richard Nocella
Raymond Norton
Marilyn Nouri
Joseph and Rosemarie Novelline
Bonnie and Don Nuendel
Dale Oates
Francis and Ellen O'Brien
Susan O'Brien
Ann O'Connell
Ellen O'Connor
Carol and Duncan Oliver
George Olmsted
Kathleen Olson
Jean Orsini
Diane Ota
Sharon Oudemool
Debbie Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pacheco
Frederick Padolf
Jung-Ho Pak and Erica Horn
Betsy Palmer
Cheryl Pantos
John and Mary Paone
Joanne Parker
Judith Parmelee
Delbert and Martha Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Pearsons
Barry and Theresa Pease
Felicia Penn
Ronald Perera
Bertram and Marla Perkel
Elayne Perlstein
James and Sally Perry
Patricia Perry
Laura Peterson
Doris and Thomas Philips
Joanne Piantes
Judith Picariello
Janis Plaue
Pamela Polloni
Alan and Sue Porretti
William Porter
David Portman
Christine Powers
Gretchen T. Putonen
Valorie and Richard Rand
Nancy and William Ranscht
Ida Mae Raoof
Jacqueline Ray
Claire and Claire Reid
Peter and Margaret Rice
Diane and David Richardson
Drs. Robert and Marian Richter
Dawn E. Rickman
Sallie Riggs Corgan
John Robinson
Barbara Rockefeller
Candice and James Ronesi
Paul Ronty
Pamela Root
Alan Rossbach
Robert Roth
Jacqueline Roy
Patricia Ryder
Frank Sampson
George and Jackie Sanborn
Tom and Judy Sbarra
Stephen Schaefer
Brian and Nancy Scheld
Georgia Schneider
Elizabeth Schultze and Bo Ericsson
Don and Mary Lou Schwinn
Barbara P. Sciarra
Joseph Scott
Rebecca Scott
Mr. and Mrs. George Seibert
Marti and Mike Sekerak
Stanley Selkow
Francis Selvitelli
Patricia T. Shannon Rev. Trust
Alan Shapiro
Eleanore Shaver
David Sheinkopf
Sidney L. Sherter
William Shipley
Lillie Shortridge-Baggett and Walter Baggett
Joan Shostak
Leah Simpson
Judy Singer
Michael and Dorothy Sophocles
Luise Speakman
Barbara Spillane
Roxanne St. Pierre
Jerry Stagg and Judy November
Lucy Steere
Barbara and Mark Steinkrauss
Ruth Steponaitis
Arthur and Beverly Stewart
Robert and Shirley Stolte
Kristine E. Strand
Margaret Sulanowska
Penny and Maurice Sullivan
Jean M. Sutherland
Niles and Margaret Sutphin
Leonard Swanton
Pamela Tabb
Irving Tarlow
Irene Thomas
Jim and Mary Thorne
Frederick Tirrell
Maurice and Margaret Tivey
Richard and Rita Tompkins
Rev. Msgr. Ronald A. Tosti
Janet H. Towle
Marsha Traub
Joseph Uhlman
Janet and Dorn Ulrich
Sandra and Frank Ulrich
Elaine and Don Usher
Irene Uzgiris
Kenneth Vancisin
Susan and Nick Vandemoer
Nancy Walbek
Gary Walker
Mary Ann and Peter Wall
Susan Walsh and David Ritchie
Jane Ward
Susan Warner
Karen Watson-Etsell
Norman and Connie Weare
William and Judith Weil
Lucy West
Albert and Kathy Weyman
Craig and Nancy Whiteley
Karen Whitney
James and Helen Wick
Diane Willcox
Daniel and Elane Williams
Helen Williams
Guile and Judy Wood
Richard and Beth Wood
Sheldon and Elisabeth Woolf
Barry and Marilyn Worth
Lee Yaffa
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Yarger
Carol Ann Yeaple
Kirk and Karen Young
Juliette J. Young-Traiger
Peter and Judith Zimmerman

Benefactors $25 - $99

Mary Abreu
Julia C. Adams
Karen Alexander
Karen Anderson
Mary Anderson
Mark and Peggy Anschutz
Louise Archambault
Barbara Arico
William and Rosa Babcock
Adelle Babin
Gary and Rita Bailey
Ryan and Laura Bailey
Kristin Baljon
Susan Barton
Candace Bechgaard
Carolyn Bell
Donna Betts
Hitesh Bhagat
Samuel Biondi
Michael and Eileen Birch
Muriel Blevins
Sue Bloomberg
Mary Lou Blute
Helen Bond
Peter R. Bono
Jean Ann Bostwick
Col. and Mrs. Carl A. Bowley
Carlene Boyle
Jocelyn Bradburn
Gerald and Priscilla Brines
Fred Budreski
Diane Burke
Roberta Burke
Mr. and Mrs. John Burrell
Kenneth F. Cadran
Alice E. Callahan
Joyce and Frank Celli
Mary Chaffee
Mary Chamberlain
Barbara Champney
Becky and Korey Charles
Charles Cherry
Jim and Susan Chmura
Tai Jin and Maria Chung
Margot and Fred Churchill
Marybeth E. Clark
Jacklyn Clayton
Sheila Clifford
Linda Clinger
David Cobb
Arlene K. Cohen
Mark and Rosalyn Cohen
Michael Colson
Christopher and Margaret Condron
Patricia H. Connors
Barbara M. Cosgrove
Annie and Daniel Curtis
Kerry Cutler
Joseph and Christine Daly
Martha Darman
Meredith David
Paul and Mia De Weer
Larry W. Decker
Peter K. Deeks
Madeleine and Russell Delorey
Ann L. DePatie
Clifford D'Esmond
Richard and Jessica Dill
Rosemary Dillon
Carmen A. Di Maggio
Dorria DiManno
Anna dos Santos
Betsy and Joe Doud
William Dowling
Edward Doyle and Blake Leister
Laura and Kenneth Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. William Driscoll
Wendy Dunford
Robert Dunn
Christopher Ely
Dick and Gerry Emmert
Jan and Lou Emrich
Laura Engvall
Anthony Esposito
Karen Farmer
Margaret Fearn
Pamela Feltus
Ilse Fersing
Hugh Findlay
Shirley A. and Peter L. Fisher
Aaron and Robin Fishman
Elizabeth Fort
Cynthia Freyberger
Elsa Frisco
Debbie Davis Galliard
Betsy and George Gardner
Joan Garrity
Elizabeth Geary
Andi Genser and Sue Landers
Ward Ghory
Fred and Virginia Giannelli
Rosemary Giasullo
Diane R. Gibson
Sara and Sheldon Gilbert
Roger and Stephanie Gill
Eleanor Ginter
Philip Goddard
Sue and Joe Golmanavich
Jeffrey Good
Barbara Goodale
Robert and Margret Goodman
Thomas Gravius
John and Lois Grebe
Kim Elisabeth Greene
Laura Gregorio
Dianne Gregory
Janet and Warren Guinee
Irene Haney
Teresa and Mark Hanson
Caitilin Harrington
Melissa Harris
Deborah Hayden
Bernadette Heaney
George and Sally Heimerdinger
Julia M. Helms
Elizabeth Hemeon
Judith Watson Hemphill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hennigan
Michaela Herlihy
Dr. Beth Herrick
Dorothy Hess
Jane D Hester
Janet Hively
Peter and Kathleen Holcombe
Mirande Holl
June Holt
Linda Houle
Jean Hoyt
Maureen Hughes
Aurilla Imperiale
Betty Isidorio
Anne and David Jarvis
Elizabeth Jayes
Mary N. Jevdet
Joyce Joakim
Fred Johnson
H. Walter Kaess
Richard and Janet Kaiser
Toby Kalman
Kathleen Kanaley
Gordon and Lauren Kanzer
Ellen Karel
Lois Karfunkel
Karen Keirstead
Lisa Keller
Jim and Elaine Kelley
Tamara Ketabgian
Ally Klinck
Judith Kolberet
Herb and Miriam Kronish
Joy Kullberg
A. Peter Kurtz
Mary Ellen Laak
Gene LaFleur
Connie Lane
Maureen Langille
Gerald Lanson
Anne LeClaire
Bruce and Sue Lederhouse
Constance Lenk
Don Light
Teri Lillis
Crawford and Ann Lincoln
Terry Lindblom
Pamela Livingstone
James and Caroline Lloyd
Eric Loftus and Kathryn Giardi
Deb London
Lesli Loosli
Linda Lord
Anne Lovelace
Rosalie Lucki
Anne Ludlow
Donna G. Lumpkin
Kerri Lyford
Ann MacDonald
Susan MacDonald
James Mackey
Peg Macwilliams
Mary and Ron Mador
Gail A. Maheras
Patrick Mahoney
Lee Mallegni
Cynthia Maritato Shick
William Marsden
Susan Martin
Terry Martorana
Patricia Matthews
Karen Mattscheck
Deborah J. Mayhew
Jonathan and Susan McConathy
Lolita McCray
Richard McCullough
Elaine McDevitt
Gerry McGowan
Jeanne and Irv McIlwain
Donald McInnes
Marilyn McMillan
Thomas McNabb
Daniel McPhee
David Mead, Jr.
Kathleen Messina
Christine Michelson
Stephanie Miele
Edward Miller
Anette Miner
Betty-Lou Mitchell
Joanne Mockler
Maria Moniz
Stephen and Jessica MacAleese
Mary Morrison
Elizabeth Morton
Jayne Mullen-Sampson
Carl and Debra Muller
Barbara Murphy
Donna and Brian Murphy
Sheila Murphy
Russel and Cynthia Murphy
Bernard Nagel
Alfred Neal
Richard Negus
Dennis S. Neier and Marisha E. Krupkin
Anne Nelson
Patricia Nicholson
Carol Nickerson
R. Dennis O'Connell
Catherine O'keeffe
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Outram
Joanne Palmer
Jane Parker
Laura R. Payson
Mr. and Mrs. David Pender
Heather Perry
Beverly Petersen
Judith Peterson
Michael Picariello
Anthony Pirri
Ginger Plexico
Linda Plunkett
Jo Mary Pontes
Sylvia Pott
Pamela Praetsch
Mark Prall
Joanne Prefontaine
Teresa Prete
Avis and Ron Pritzker
Rose Marie Quinn
Alvan and Melissa Ramler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Reece
Paul and Ana Reiners
Janis and Donald Rennie
William Roberts
Ann Rosseel
Martha Rowe
Winfield and Barbara Rowell
Daniel Roy
Amy Russell
Stephen Ryan
Elizabeth Ryder
Kathryn Sandell
Sandra Sarver
Edward Schmuhl
Karen Scribner
Mariellen Sears
Carolyn and Christopher Seefer
Miriam and Peter Selig
Dianne Semsel
Lynn Shepherd
John Sheridan
Margaret Shipman
Aimee Silberman
Susan and Warren Silver
Ken and Becky Silverstein
R.N. Simmons
Meaghan Simon
Kathleen Snow
Andrew Spearman
Suzanne Spears
Rachelle Spector
C. Paul Spinale DDS
Robert Sprafke
Mary and Gary Spurr
Eric Stanton
Mary Ann Starr
Joyce T. Sterling
Sylvia D. Stringer
Gayla Stulce
Egle Sukys
Carolyn F. Sullivan
Deborah Swenson
Richard Swierczek
Jeff Talmadge
Constance Tarvis
Norman Taupeka
Ellen Temkin
Joseph and Patricia Texeira
Sharon and Charles Thebaud
Beatrice Thenault
Peter Thorp and Eleanor Schatze-Thorp
Sally and Harvey Tracy
Dean and Marie Troxell
Linda Tucker
Anne Tufts
Deane and Gudrun Turner
Judy Tyler
Anita Uhlman
Robert and Judith Valchuis
Joan Valicenti
Emily Van Brunt
Cindy and Ronald Vandor
Talena Vanzetta
Sandra Voight
Maureen Vokey
Valerie Walbek
Jeanne and James Walker
Laurel Walker
Sarah L. Walker
Jennifer and Craig Lockwood
Renate Wasserman
David Weber
Patti Weldon
Jewell and Sandy Westerman
Helen Westwood
George Wey
Daisy and Kent Widing
Allison Wildes Liset
Judith Williams
Lois Witt
Alice Wolff
Maria Zorsky
Roger and Barbara Zottarelli

Tribute Gifts

In Memory of Joan D. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Lincoln
Jacqueline Stowell

In Memory of Bob Birmingham
The Birmingham Foundation

In Memory of Antoinette Brink
Dr. Kenneth Brink

In Memory of Stephen Clark, Jr.
Stephen and Joan Clark

In Memory of Tom Cosgrove
Barbara M. Cosgrove

In Memory of David Meacham Davis
Joan Davis

In Memory of Cecile Denham
Lois and Gerard Fournier

In Memory of Doreen Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Porretti

In Memory of Teddi Hildebrand
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bohlen

In Memory of Elizabeth Garner Martin
Joan D. Barnett
Helen Bond
Eastward Ho Golf Club

In Memory of Shirley W. Mayhew
Dr. Deborah J. Mayhew

In Memory of Bruce McPherson
Susan McPherson

In Memory of Robert Neese
Sarah Neese

In Memory of Elizabeth Nill
Hayley Bakken
Emily Barclay
David Bellshaw
Clarke and Ethel Coggeshall
Elizabeth and Richard Cryer
David and Julie B. Doll
Mike and Liz Dunning
John and Christine Ehret
Jane Frado
Julia Helms
Margaret Helms
Isaacson Miller
Johnson & Johnson
Judith Watson Hemphill
Joan Johnston
Erin Keller
Anne Ludlow
James and Ann Macdonald
Elizabeth and Abigail Magruder
Susan Eldredge Mead
Gordon Medenica
Isaacson Miller
Jean Orsini
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Pearsons
Robert and Penny Schofield
Leah Simpson
Bruce and Kimberly Williams
Peter and Judith Zimmerman

In Memory of Joann G. Pratt
Louise Archambault
Donna G. Lumpkin

In Memory of Robert Sennott
Patricia Cahill
Ellen Cliggott
Deborah and Walter Hampton
Barbara Hennigan
James G. Elliott Company
John Mason
Mike and Liz Dunning
John W. Miller and Sharon Parkins
Dorothy Savarese
Robert and Penny Schofield

In Memory of Robert Temkin
Irene Gaffin
Frederick Tirrell

In Memory of Barbara Y. Tyler
William F. Tyler

In Memory of Joanne Vyskocil
Edward Breuer, Jr.

In Memory of Alexander Ziss
Mrs. Alexander Ziss

In Honor of
Mary Cawley
Mary Grosso
Maggie King Kerley
Marie King
Patricia McCarthy
Kris and Richard O’Connor
Ann Paquin
Diane Richards
Joseph Sakowicz
Margaret King

In Honor of Ellen Cliggott’s Birthday
Jan Cliggott

In Honor of Dr. Jesus and Mrs. Joan Datu
Dr. Joycelyn Datu

In Honor of Ellen Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Assiff and Family
Rigney and Robert Cunningham

In Honor of Martha Edgar
David Laguna-Aponte

In Honor of Bill Goggins
Gerald Tuffin

In Honor of John Meyer
Christopher Meyer
David Portman

In Honor of Barbara J. Murphy
Elizabeth Ryder

In Honor of Elizabeth Nill
Charles Heath
Carrie Thornburg-Bearse

In Honor of Margaret Nicholson
Cameron Dewar
Marlene and Dennis Hurley
Charles Mann
Carolyn Markowsky
Raymond Norton
Karen Whitney

In Honor of Claire P. O'Connor
Ellen O'Connor

In Honor of Jung-Ho Pak
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.B. Clark
Robert J. and D. Rigney Cunningham
Pamela Polloni
Rebecca Scott
Lee Smith

In Honor of John Sargent
Gary and Bobye Anderson
Sarah L. Walker

In Honor of Robert E. Schofield
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin McIlwain

In Honor of Elizabeth Schultze
Andi Genser and Sue Landers
Dr. Alice Kelley

In Honor of Lucy Steere
Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher

In Honor of James and Helen Wick
Dr. Dorria Diamanno

In Honor of Bob and Abby Summersgill
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Sandberg

Hope L. Baker, Sea Breeze Foundation
Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation, Inc.
Douglas and Maria MacDonald
Ronald and Barbara Marcks
Murray and MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.
Jim and Mary Thorne
Clyde Tyndale and Deborah Winograd

Conductor's Circle $50,000 +

Estate of Charlotte Benner
Bilezikian Family Foundation
Estate of A. Kenard Gardiner
Hermann Foundation
Walter and Olivia Kiebach Charitable Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Mr. and Mrs. David McGraw
Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation

Diamond Circle $20,000 - $49,999

Brabson Library and Educational Foundation
Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
The Cape Cod Foundation
Richard and Susan Hamilton
Diane Richards
William E. Simon Foundation on behalf of William T. Wachenfeld

Emerald Circle $10,000 - $19,999

Phil and Ellen Dickinson
Theresa Egan
Margaret Nicholson
Elizabeth C. Nill
Rosemary and Victor von Schlegell Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation

Ruby Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Robert and Candice Barker
Jeff and Nancy Bilezikian
Patricia Cahill
The Lou Colombo Music Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation
John K. and Thirza F. Davenport Foundation
Ben and Jackie deRuyter
Mary and Steven Gulrich
Sue and Ted Johnson
The Kelley Foundation
Douglas and Maria MacDonald
Linda Mawhinney
Julie Palmer Mayo
Barbara J. Murphy
David and Lee Quincy
Christian and Jeannine Valle

Sapphire Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Hope L. Baker, Sea Breeze Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Clarendon
Phyllis Cole
Margaret P. Davis
Nicolas DiCiaccio and Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio
Martha A. Edgar
Emma Trust
Priscilla J. French
Steven and Tracy Heslinga
Judith Keller
Lombard Trust Fund
Murray and MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.
Douglas and Maria MacDonald
Elizabeth and Michael McNichols Dunning
Elizabeth J. Oliver
William and Pamela Ritchie
Robert and Penny Schofield
William and Anne Snow Designated Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation
Robert and Abby Summersgill
Chuck and Jane Tardanico
Gary Toenniessen
Nello and Holly Trevisan
Christian Valle
Christopher and Carol Wilson


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