Inspired Programs

Today, more than 1,200 students of all ages and skills levels participate in over 60 programs at Cape Conservatory, as well as private and group vocal and instrumental instruction, including instruction under the Suzuki Method. In the dance studios, the bar is set high with a full suite of classical ballet classes and, for those who move to a different beat, we offer jazz and contemporary dance classes. Creative art and photography offerings enhance our program, and our arts-infused, academically inspired preschool opens the door for little ones to develop a life-long interest in and love for the arts.

Ensemble and Performance Opportunities

Ensemble opportunities are key to young musicians, who will find unique and exciting experiences within our Youth Orchestra and Instrument Group and Mixed Instrumental Ensembles. In Repertoire Class, ballet dancers of all ages and skill levels apply what they learned in their Technique classes to perform steps and phrases from story ballets such as The Nutcracker and Dances in a Secret Garden.

Performance experience is also an important part of a complete arts education. Workshops, master classes, recitals and concerts—on campus and in various venues throughout the community—form the fabric of each year. Each one brings rich and rewarding opportunities for students to refine their skills and showcase their talents.

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