May 05

Did you know that one of the early names of The Beatles was Johnny and the Moondogs? Can you name all the Beatles’ drummers? Do you know who Brian Epstein, Stu Sutcliffe, and Mal Evans were? If so, you’re a major Beatles fan.

But even if you don’t know the trivia, you know the songs. One of the most powerful things about the Beatles was how much and how rapidly their style changed as they grew as musicians and as people, and as the world around them changed just as rapidly. It’s a long and winding road from “Love Me Do” to, well, “The Long and Winding Road,” their first and last #1 singles in the United States (original releases, anyway).

According to Rolling Stone, The Beatles were “one of the best things to happen in the twentieth century.” Here’s some of the many “firsts” they achieved:

• First band to play in a stadium (Shea Stadium, 1965)
• First time a satellite was used to broadcast worldwide – The Beatles’ live recording of “All You Need Is Love” (1968)
• First group to use a full orchestra in pop music
• First rock concept album (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)
• First group to have the #1 single and the #1 album on both the US and the UK charts at the same time (“A Hard Day’s Night,” 1964)
• First musicians to use other sounds in their music (barnyard animals on “Good Morning, Good Morning,” jet engines on “Back in the U.S.S.R”).
• First band to put out an album on which they wrote half the songs (Please Please Me, 1962) and first to do an entire album of orginal songs (A Hard Day’s Night, 1964)

Ponder all these achievements, remember how much you love the music, then don’t wait – get your tickets now for the Cape Symphony’s Beatles Tribute featuring Classical Mystery Tour! These two concerts on Saturday, June 16 will sell out very soon. Buy online or call us at 508.362.1111.







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