Mar 11

Ludwig van Beethoven never married, but he was in love several times, usually with women who were married or otherwise out of reach. His dedication to his work and his increasing deafness may have played a role in why he was never truly happy in love or successful at a long-term relationship.

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Feb 25

How did the roles of concertmaster and conductor evolve? Let’s take a trip through musical history. Early composers routinely performed their own works, usually playing the harpsichord and leading the orchestra from that seat, acting as “conductor” through the music. Orchestras were quite small, more like what would be called chamber orchestras today, making it easier to conduct and play.

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Feb 11

When you hear amazing music at a rock concert, a Broadway show, or a jazz club, you applaud, right? Everyone does. These days, people even clap in church when a choir sings beautifully. But what about a concert hall? Should you clap when you feel like it?

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Feb 24

Our guest artist for the upcoming Beethoven Unleashed is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years. Pianist Martina Filjak is garnering international praise for her poetic passion and technical mastery at the keyboard as well as for her charismatic personality and magnetic stage presence.

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