Oct 07

Henry Mancini’s widely varied career as a composer took him from the big band era in the late 1940s through monster movies in the 1950s and his jazzy scores of the 1960s and '70s. What an interesting life! Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about Henry Mancini.

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Sep 30

Henry Mancini, 20th century film composer extraordinaire, created some of the most iconic movie themes and songs of all time. The power of his music lies in its ability to make us feel – whether it’s the wistful “Moon River,” the melancholy “Days of Wine and Roses,” or the funny theme from The Pink Panther.

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Sep 16

In 2016, composer Stella Sung attended a lecture at the New England Aquarium, learning about the problems of ocean noise pollution caused by seismic testing, the air guns used for this process, large ships and ocean vessels, and other man-made noises.

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Sep 09

“What is the secret of nature? Maybe only the wind and birds know…” That’s the question Oscar-winning composer Tan Dun set out to answer with “Secret of Winds and Birds.”

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